1. Experience of O.E.M./O.D.M. base
  2. Owned various kind of moulds for your selection
  3. Able to carry on high quality design as well as mass production
  4. Having had good facility to satisfy different need
  5. Loyalty, Trustworthy, Qualified Service
  1. O.E.M./O.D.M. with A.Svensson & Co.,
    • First maker.Spiral accessories.Worldwide
  2. O.E.M./O.D.M. with Copes & Timmins Ltd.
    • Best selling.in U.K.
    • Distributed B&Q etc..
  3. Supply to Middle East and Africa
    • Good design.Inexpensive
    • 100 containers.Every year.30 countries
  4. O.E.M./O.D.M. with ALHAMBRA Co.,
    • Supplied to North America.Designer market
    • Sold to Robert Allen, Trend.. in USA
  5. O.E.M./O.D.M. with IKEA, Sweden
    • Co-developed.18 years.Worldwide
  6. O.E.M./O.D.M. with ACRIMO AS.,
    • Supplied to Scandinavian
  7. O.E.M./O.D.M. with KREMP+H GMBH
    • Pioneered design.European market
  8. O.E.M./O.D.M. with CDH ., Graber Co.,
    • Lead this series to worldwide

We feel some good reasons that we might be a good supplier to bring your company about business:

  1. We have good facility that can meet your different requirement:
    •  Wrapping machine
    • Laminating machine
    • Aluminum processing machine
  2. Owned various of moulds for your best selection to extend your new market
  3. Already built high class designs for Classical and Modern style
  4. Powerful marketing expertise to your special demand both on OEM & ODM based
  5. Experienced of manufacturing of mass market demand